Technical solution, equipment specification, risk assessment, rescue plan, site inspection, PFPE inspection and various other services are intended for all users who recognize the importance and the benefit of specialist solutions to the problems related to work at height. Those aiming towards a higher level of safety in the course of direct execution need rescue standby and a demonstration exercise. All the work at height tasks are resolved successfully thanks to our professional expertise and experience.


Wire rope guidelines, anchor rails, horizontal anchor lines and structural anchors belonging to permanent systems should be installed by competent person, trained by a manufacturer. System specification is delivered following the inquiry while post installation documentation includes instructions for use, calculations, installation record and certificate. Permanent systems are installed at places of frequent work that may be found at chimneys, silos, wind turbines, cableways, masts, shafts, roofs, bridges, industrial plants and other facilities. Installation, testing and maintenance of fall protection systems should be entrusted to experts.


Fall protection skills and professional qualifications enabled us to perform some of the most demanding work, ranging from the construction of metal structures on the Zagreb cathedral to mining cement layers adhering to the sides of silos while rope access technique has been our specialty for more than 20 years. We are available to execute primarily more demanding tasks but also any other type of work at height.

Need rope access service in Croatia? Looking for a work at height specialist in Croatia? Contact us for an offer.

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