We have been in this business for almost 30 years, and still it poses new challenges for us. We have executed some of the most demanding work at height jobs – from mounting steel structures on the Zagreb Cathedral to blasting wall buildup in cement silos. Today, we use the knowledge and experience gained over the years to deliver work at height (WAH) training. Vertiko’s training programmes have been completed by more than 10.000 participants to date.

Work at height training

Our offer includes basic training, training for work at industrial installations, training for work on structures and roofs, rope access and rescue training. Feel free to ask for a programme description or assistance with course selection.
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GWO wind turbine work training

In these training courses, you will be trained how to apply fall protection equipment and perform rescue operations while also learning about first aid, fire awareness and manual load handling. Select the course that best suits your needs.
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Work at height equipment

The sale of equipment takes place through a company named HILAND. In addition to personal protection equipment, we offer rescue equipment and permanently mounted systems. Feel free to take a look at equipment description. We are here to assist you if necessary.
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We began delivering work at height training in 2005. Nowadays, it takes place in a state-of-the-art training centre, whose construction was co-financed by EU funds. Our training courses, distinguished by extensive programmes and consistency, are based on international standards. They have been widely recognised by numerous domestic, as well as international clients.